Mainframe Testing

On this page you will learn about mainframe testing. So basically is a testing performed on mainframe application (Mainframe computer).
Now what is mainframe? It is a large size computer which is made up with frames & all frames put together are called as mainframe. Various mainframes available in market are – IBM, HP, HoneyWell, UNISYS etc .  .  . Out of these, major one is IBM, they produce very large volume of mainframe computers.
Mainframe is a business operating system, It can store a huge volume of data. Data can be processed at very high speed.
The biggest use of mainframe is in banking and insurance systems. However many other systems do use mainframe computers. Now comming to mainframe testing –

What is Mainframe Testing?

Testing mainframe based application is nothing but mainframe testing. Process wise it is not different than other types of testing but the difference is of technology. Mainframe testing covers batch testing and online testing. Comparing Manual testing with testing mainframe, Process wise it is not different than other types of testing but the difference is of technology. In other manual testing we do testing on let us say web application or any desktop application having GUI. But in case of mainframe application, there is no GUI, all you can see is blue screens that can be a mainframe host for batch testing or it can be CICS Screens for online testing.

Below image shows overview of mainframe testing. Basic concept is same in online testing mode. But in case of batch testing, we need to setup data (could be files or could be via CICS screens) & then run JCL. Once job processing is successful, Need to verify output files / tables / CICS Screens for results. This all depends on case to case, application to application.

Mianframe testing overview
I tried to cover some interview questions which are commonly asked in mainframe testing interview questions. Have a look on below links.

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Hope this helps !!!!

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