Learn TOSCA TestSuite Step by Step

TOSCA TestSuite is a script-less test automation testing tool (+ support manual testing, exploratory testing & many other things) by tricentis. TOSCA is a complete test management tool, supports all test management related activities, reporting activities and many more things.

Let us learn TOSCA TestSuite step by step.

Step1: Introduction to TOSCA TestSuite (Free Course)

This Course will gives you all basic understanding about TOSCA. It covers introductory part about all sections of TOSCA TestSuite. If you want to know about TOSCA, Will it serve my purpose, how should i learn it? where can i find the required learning resources & many more things.

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Step2: TOSCA TestSuite – Basic level Course

This course covers all basic topics about TOSCA TestSuite with practical examples. It covers module creation, test case creation, execution, reporting issues, reporting and few other topics. After taking this course you will be able to automate your application with basic test cases.

Step3: TOSCA TestSuite – Advanced level course

Prerequisite to this course is, you should have taken Basic level course stated above. This advanced level course talks about Exception handling, Excel engine, DB connections for various databases, webtable handling, xml testing, TCshell, Integration with jenkins, and many more things. In short This course and your regular practice will make you master in TOSCA TestSuite.

Step4: Learn SET and Customization for TOSCA TestSuite

You are looking for this course, this means you already learned script-less part of Tosca testsuite. Now let us deep dive in to more advanced part related to TOSCA TestSuite. In this course, you will understand how the script-less modules are created by tricentis?, How can we create our own custom modules with the help of Special Execution Task? How to create Custom Control for HTML application with some examples? etc and many more. You will also get fair idea about AE2 certification by tricentis.

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Get the Framework code at Github Repo: https://github.com/prakashnarkhede?tab=repositories