On this page you will find Maven Tutorial. This will be helpful in development as well as for testing frameworks.

Maven can be considered as a complete project development tool, not just a build tool like Ant. Maven is a build automation tool which also used to manage the dependencies.

Below image shows about functionality of maven in pictorial view –

Maven Tutorial - What is maven, how maven works

How Maven build helps in Continuous integration (CI) for your Selenium Project(Maven Tutorial):

Many a times, we end up working in a project where a large bunch of developers and testers are working together on different modules. Developers and Testers work on their modules thereby developing executable’s. These work products are then integrated at regular intervals. Thus, every time we create a development code, it needs to be integrated, tested and built to ensure that the code developed doesn’t break or introduces errors or defects.

This process of building and testing the development work integrated at regular intervals is known as Continuous Integration (CI).

To be able to use any CI tool(Hudson, Jenkins etc), we need the following things to be in place to get start:

  • Source Code Repository (SVN/Git/CVS etc.)
  • Build Script (Ant/Maven etc.)

Maven build helps here to create the JAR file for performing the CI operation.

This should gives you a basic idea about Maven. With below articles for maven tutorial, you should be in a position to work with maven as a build tool.


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