There are many software testing certifications, which many testers have on their CVs to either grab attention of employers or potentially to increase the likeliness of promotion internally. How important are these to job applications? Do they improve a software tester’s skill set?

In software testing, experience is of great importance when defining how great your testing skills are. Only with this experience, it’s how an individual learns from their experiences in retrospect and develops their performance for the future.

If you are using certifications to make your CV more marketable, then you should probably think again as there are hundreds and thousands of testers with these. Stand above the crowd with examples of projects you have worked from start to finish, where you have used creative exploratory methods.

So how does an employer evaluate if an applicant is up to the challenges of the job? As always, certifications are a great way to verify that one has the skills and knowledge to perform. Described below are some of the predominant testing certifications to evaluate and gauge a tester’s level of expertise.

ISTQB certification is recommended if you wish to make a career in software testing. Getting ISTQB certified would help you gain deep understanding of testing and would also provide sort of credibility to your CV.

The ISTQB certification is overall the most popular testing certification and it is available in at least 70 countries where ISTQB is represented by a Member Board. Indian Testing Board (ITB) is the ISTQB approved national board for India.

I believe that certifications do not provide the actual required learning and practical knowledge to the software testing professionals. Due to the certain format of Multiple Choice Questions, Syllabus, and exam dumps, there is hardly any chance that a professional would learn something out of it or polish his/her skill set.

I also believe that if you really wish to learn something, then start experimenting, write about your experiences, and take part in active discussion. Be fearless with your opinion, and keep re-learning stuff. You can also watch videos of different testing conferences, read books, and follow twitter updates of international testing gurus, conferences, meetups, and companies.

Let us get more information about software testing certifications below –

      1.    ISTQB certifications

      2.    ISEB certifications

      3.    CSTE certifications

      4.    HP QC / ALM certifications

      5.    HP QTP certifications

      6.    Selenium certifications

      7.    Agile Certifications

      8.    ITIL certifications.

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