If you are looking out for Selenium WebDriver Tutorial to automate your web application, you are at right place. On this page, you can find Selenium WebDrivr tutorials from very Basic to Advanced Selenium. You can also find About Auto-IT tool, Apache POI, TestNG Framework, Log4j and detailed automation frameworks. Selenium WebDriver Tutorial - www.automationtalks.com Visit the below topics one by one & you will be good at Selenium WebDrivr. The Basic pre-requisites to start with Selenium WebDrivr are –

1. JRE/JDK installed in your machine 2. Eclipse IDE (or any other IDE) is installed. 3. Basic knowledge of Core Java

Basics Of Selenium WebDrivr:

1. Downloading Selenium WebDriver Jars and configuring in eclipse.
2. First Program in Selenium WebDriver to test www.google.com
3. Why do we write WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); ?
4. Working with Mozilla Firefox, google chrome and Internet Explorer in Selenium WebDriver
5. How to use multiple browsers (firefox, Chrome, IE) from properties file?
6. What is difference between Selenium RC and Selenium WebDriver.
7. What is Firefox profile? Need of Firefox profile?.

Locator Strategy for Selenium WebDrivr –
1. Inspect Element in Mozilla Firefox using Firepath, firebug and WebDriver Element Locator
2. Inspect Element in Google Chrome using Xpath Helper Extension
3. Inspect Element in Internet Explorer(IE) using Fire-IE-Selenium
4. Various locator strategies for Selenium WebDriver to find webElement
5. XPath in Selenium WebDriver – Different ways to find customized XPath
6. Difference between Relative XPath and Absolute XPath for Selenium
7. Css Selectors for Selenium – Different ways to find customized CSS path
8. XPath or CSS Selector ? which is better?

Webdrivr Handling Object and some basic functions –

1. Integration of Selenium test script with TestNG Framework.
2. Work on Input Text Box and buttons in Selenium.
3. Extracting all links from web page / Bulk extraction of objects using Selenium 
4. Difference Between findElement() and findElements() method.
5. Test all links on webpage if they are working (Broken Links) in selenium.
7. Check if element is present on webpage or not using selenium
8. Handling drop down using Selenium.
9. Selecting Radio Buttons in Selenium.
10. Selecting Multiple Check Boxes in Selenium.
11. Synchronization is Selenium WebDriver
a. Why not to use Thread.sleep(); to achieve synchronization in selenium?
b. What is Implicit wait? How to Achieve Implicit wait in Selenium?
c. What is Explicit wait? How to Achieve Explicit wait in Selenium?
d. What is Fluent wait? How to Achieve Fluent wait in Selenium?
e. Which is the best wait in selenium?
12. PageLoadTimeout Property in Selenium.
14. WebDriver.Timeout Interface in Selenium.
15. ExpectedCondition interface and ExpectedConditions class in Selenium.
16. WaitUntil Condition in Selenium.
18. Window Handles using Selenium.
19. Managing popups in IE, Chrome and Mozilla using Selenium.
20. Closing windows using Selenium.
21. Default Popups
22. Automate Registration Page using Selenium WebDrivr.
23. Getting Data From static / dynamic WebTable.
24. Getting Total Number Of Rows / Columns from static / dynamic WebTable.
25. Handling Frames in Web Page using Selenium
27. Handling cookies
28. Managing Javascript alerts
29. Simulating front and back button click on Browser using selenium
32. Different types of Exceptions in Selenium WebDriver
33. How to use JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver?
33. How to handle DatePicker in Selenium using JavaScript?
34. What is driver.close(); and driver.quit();
35. What is the difference between click and submit methods in Selenium?

Actions class in Selenium WebDrivr

Tips & Tricks

1. Headless browser testing in Selenium using HtmlUnitDriver
2. How to Handle Untrusted Certificate in Selenium or How to handle SSL?
3. How to Handle Proxy setting in Selenium?
4. Refresh Browser in Different Ways in Selenium
5. How to take ScreenShot In Selenium?
6. Upload & Download files in Selenium
7. How to read properties file in selenium (java)?
8. How to use Map (HashMap) with TestNG DataProvider in Data Driven Testing?
9. Best Practices in Automation Testing – Must Read Article for Automation Engineer

Apache POI –

Automation Frameworks –

1. Why Automation Framework in selenium?
2. Types of Test Automation Framework in Selenium
         a. Page Object Model (POM)
         b. Data Driven Test Automation Framework
         c. Keyword Driven Test Automation Framework
         d. Hybrid Test Automation Framework
         e. Behavior Driven Development Framework

TestNG Framework Tutorial – 

Log4j Tutorial –  

Jenkins Tutorial –