What is the need of Test Automation Framework?

        Framework is like a Blueprint for Testing application. Which is created in generalized manner Automate any application.
        Framework requires a lot of effort to build but proves to be beneficial in a long run.
       Automated tests can run fast and frequently, which is cost-effective for software products with a long maintenance life.
Need of test automation framework?
1.   Automated regression tests which ensure the continuous system stability and functionality after changes to the software were made lead to shorter development cycles combined with better quality software and thus the benefits of automated testing quickly out gain the initial costs.
2.   Test automation allows the test execution without user interaction while guaranteeing repeatability and accuracy. Instead testers can now concentrate on more difficult test scenarios.
3.   Once framework is created you can use to Automate any application. Just few changes in configuration, test data & object repository.
4.   Test automation allows performing different types of testing efficiently and effectively.
5.   Faster Test execution
6.   Minimal human intervention
7.   Can run periodically or can be triggered on specified action
8.   Better report generation
9.   Failure alerts
10.   Can be used by non-technical user also if documented properly
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