How do I make Test Automation Framework? (Basic Concept)

How should be your ideal automation framework?

         First thing you need to decide “The code which you will write for the Framework then you will not use any other framework for the functionality of your current framework like reporting, Test Plan, Test Management, Reporting and other Testing process”
By this thing “You will make a better framework and also you will achieve a better logic in the programming”
Steps: –
1.   Make the architecture on the paper of the framework
2.   Choose the language what you want
3.   Try to write the code in the pieces (Class and interfaces)
4.   For reporting => Try to make own html pages
5.   Try to make the framework which is easy to use means “make .exe, .jar => so user will use the framework simply by CMD PROMPT, DOUBLE CLICK”

6.   All thing should be Automatically done

The basic workflow of test automation framework is shown in below image –

Ideal Test Automation Framework1 -

As shown in above workflow, each and every thing in your automation framework should be separated, it shows basic steps towards ideal automation framework .

 Test Data should be present in separate Excel / any db. Then your common java code like reading excel, taking screen shot & other common code should be at one place. Your Test Automation framework should be capable of generating log files for future reference. Reports should be generated so that they can shared via email to management. Also most important is taking screenshot. They are very important to claim success / failure of test case.

All above mentioned things can be well tracked and maintained by using testng / junit framework

For more details about automation framework, refer –

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