Test Automation Framework is not a tool to perform some specific task, but is an infrastructure that provides the solution where different tools can plug itself and do their job in an unified manner. Hence providing a common platform to the automation engineer doing their job.

Framework is defined as a set of rules and regulations to maintain the project code, in other words, It is a folder structure to be used for your project to run your test cases in systematic order.

While Testing a web application using selenium, it is very important to design a flexible automation framework which can be easily modified (acquaintance should be low & should be easy) & is reusable.

Let us understand about automation framework with below links-

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Types of Automation Framework in Selenium

Let us discuss the few most popularly used Test Automation Frameworks:

       1.   Data Driven Testing Framework
       2.   Keyword Driven Testing Framework
       3.   Hybrid Testing Framework
       4.   Behavior Driven Development Framework

            Have a look on below image –
Test Automation Framework - Selenium WebDriver - www.automationtalks.com

First one is Keyword Driven Framework –> This framework runs on list of keywords. Keywords are user defined meaningful action words. Each action word will have some action associated to it. ex – EnterText, ClickonButton etc.

Second one is Data Driven Framework –> If your test case need to be tested with huge set of test data combinations. In short one test case with multiple set of test data.

Combining of both is Hybrid Framework.

Will talk about each framework in details in coming posts.

Looking for learning Framework Development from Scratch? Lookout for Detailed Framework Development videos on YouTube here -


Get the Framework code at Github Repo: https://github.com/prakashnarkhede?tab=repositories