Keyword Driven Framework in Selenium WebDriver

Before we start we Keyword driven framework in selenium, let us try to understand what is framework.

What is Framework?

In a very simple language, it is a structure and design which help others to write test cases easily by using re-usability, readability, maintainability


What is Keyword driven framework?

in KDF, every action which we perform on the UI elements is been written in terms of keywords. These keywords will define what action should be taken on UI.

Advantages of Keyword Driven Framework –

  1. Since all test cases are in excel file, it is very easy to know which test cases are covered for non technical person as well. It helps great for writing detailed test plan because you can show in excel sheet what and all you are going to cover.
  2. Less technical knowledge required once framework is setup. Once framework is set, manual tester can even use the keywords and write test cases.
  3. Easy to understand since it is well structured.
  4. code re-usability
  5. Automation test case preparation can start early during development phase.


Keyword Driven Framework Components –

  1. Framework Files
  2. External data files
  3. Object repository and Keywords

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