How to setup Apache POI in java – selenium Project.

In this article i will talk about how to setup apache POI in Selenium java project under eclipse.

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Setting up Apache POI in a java – selenium project is very easy. Again as like selenium, Apache POI is a suite of jar files. So, setting up Apache POI means adding these jar files to a project. Let us see how this can be achieved.
Step1: Download Apache POI.  
   You can download Apache POI from its official website ( Latest version of Apache POI is 3.16 (a stable release) as of today.
To Download Apache POI – Click here. Version 3.16
Step2: Extract the downloaded POI jar files.
Once zip file is downloaded from above link, extract the jar files to some location.
Step 3: Create new Java project.
To know about how to create new project, refer step 2 of below post.

How to create java project in eclipse IDE

Step4: Add extracted jar files in to java – selenium project.
Follow below steps to know how can we add the jar files in to a project.
First, right click on project created in step 3 here.
Then Go to “Build path” -> “Configure Build Path”
 Then Click on “Add External Jar” option.
Then select all extracted jar files and click on apply and save.
That’s it, you have configured Apache POI in your java – selenium project. You can start using excel files in java -selenium project.
Follow next articles to know how to used Excel files in java – selenium project.
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