ISTQB Dumps – Help guide to clear ISTQB exam

There are no ISTQB dumps as such, One need to prepare deeply, because frequency of repeated questions is very very low in ISTQB Exam & many are scenario based. I have cleared the ISTQB exam. Below words are from my real time exp.


Foundation of Software Testing: ISTQB Certification” by Rex Black, Dorothy Graham is the recommended text book. You need not have to read any other text book.

All you need to do is prepare for the exam of the prescribed ISTQB Foundation book.

If anyone is looking for soft-copy of this book, let me know, I can share.

This is the book for the exam. It Contains 6 chapters. Won’t take much time as the testers will be familiar with the concepts. Take a week or 2 to brush up the concepts.

ISTQB syllabus is your bible. Text book explains every concept in detail with elaborated examples. The ISTQB syllabus is like a notes made by summarizing the text book. You might not understand several concepts if you directly read the syllabus. So read the text book first and then the syllabus.

You can download the syllabus here – go through the testing GLOSSARY. There are several terminologies used in the text book and syllabus which requires you to go through the glossary.


Several ISTQB aspirants are mislead with the concept that they can clear the exam just by solving few dumps that are available online without any preparations.

SOLVE the questions that are available online. They help you to understand the nature of questions that will appear in the exam, it might also boost your confidence a bit but NEVER rely only on question paper dumps! You cannot clear the exams by only solving the question dumps. There are several dumps available online with incorrect answers which might confuse you.

For taking mock tutorials, various sites are having data over internet, I used to prefer:  testpot

A word of caution as far as dumps are concerned, the dumps which are freely available on internet does not contains the actual question which are asked in exam so be careful. It contains much more standard scenarios. This was my personal experience; others may vary on my opinion.

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