Comparison of Manual and Automated Testing

Automation Testing is use of tools to execute test cases whereas manual testing requires human intervention for test execution.
Manual testing
  • The process of testing a software or application repeatedly again and again manually In order to find defects according to the customer speciation is called as manual testing.
  • Here we have to test the application manually.
  • Coding knowledge is not required.
  • Test cases should be written.
  • Test case management tool required.
Automation testing
Here we are going to write a code or script using tools like QTP or selenium and the code will automatically run and give a result as pass or fail.
  • Using scripts, we will test the application
  • Coding knowledge is required
  • Test scripts should be written
  • Automation tool required
Automation Testing saves time, cost and manpower. Once recorded, it’s easier to run an automated test suite when compared to manual testing which will require skilled labor.
Any type of application can be tested manually but automated testing is recommended only for stable systems and is mostly used for regression testing. Also, certain testing types like ad-hoc and monkey testing are more suited for manual execution.
Manual testing can be become repetitive and boring. On the contrary, the boring part of executing same test cases time and again, is handled by automation software in automation testing.
So, One of the Differences Between Manual and Automated Testing is That:
  • In course of manual testing various serious defects of the system are expected to be discovered;
  • Automated testing is expected to pass with no trouble, it is aimed to prove that the application operates properly.

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