How to download Selenium ?

Download Selenium WebDriver Jars and configuring in eclipse.
In order to start with Automation testing using selenium WebDriver, we need below things –

1. Installed JDK or JRE on your machine.

           2. Installed Eclipse / NetBeans / or any other IDE
As we know, java is not a tool but it is a collection of jars which we need to use in eclipse or any other IDE. Here we will see how can this be achieved.

Step 1: Download Selenium WebDriver jar files.

Use below URL to download Selenium WebDriver jar files.
To Download Latest version, use this URL –
Once Selenium WebDriver jar has been downloaded, extract them to some folder. Now we will see how to configure these jar files in to our project.

Step 2: Create Java Project

Create Java project in eclipse so that we can configure selenium jars in to java project, which can be used for creating test cases.
Below steps explain how to create java project.
Click on File -> New -> Other
In select wizard, type Java, then select “Java project” from the list.
Give the desired project name & click on finish.
Now, Once the project is created, we need to create Package.
Right click on project that you have created.  Then go to New -> Package
Enter proper package name -> then click on Finish.
Now, once package is created, we need to create a class  where we can write our automation test cases.
Right click on Package, -> New -> class
Give some class name, then click on finish.
That’s it, now we have created a project along with package and class within it.

Step 3: Configure Selenium jar files in java project

Since now, we have created java project, package & class within it, its time to configure selenium jars within project. Below steps explains how this can be done.
Right click on the project -> Build Path -> Configure Build path
Go to Libraries, Click on Add External Jars -> Select the selenium jars (which you downloaded. Mentioned in step 1)
Click on Apply and OK
This is all done. To verify if your jars are added in to project, Check Referenced library in your project. It should contain all the jar files which you have added.
All set now, you are good to begin with your first test case using selenium
Hope this helps. Drop your comments.

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