Latest Trends in Software Testing – 2017

Automation testing is among the top in the list of Latest Trends in Software Testing for Year 2017.

Apart from automation testing, there is Agile, DevOPs, Big Data testing, New technologiers like SOA, mobile testing, cloud testing etc. Let us has look on it.
Latest Trends in Software Testing 2017

Automation Testing (Among Top on Latest Trends):

Since last 2 years, Automation testing is growing day by day & all the companies want to automate their applications so as to get testing (might be regression) done fast / reduce cost. Here is the list of trending tools in Automation testing area.
          a.       Selenium WebDriver (Including TestNG, JenkinsCI, Maven etc.)
          b.       BDD testing
          c.       Mobile application testing (tools like Appium)
          d.       Agile Frameworks
          e.       TOSCA
          f.        UFT
          g.       Test Complete


It’s a set of methods around iterating and making incremental development with changing (well, evolving) requirements and solutions. Basically, it means being flexible and changing to the needs of the project over it’s life and to listen to the customers.

Advantages of Agile Model:

 The most important of the advantages of agile model is the ability to respond to the changing requirements of the project. This ensures that the efforts of the development team are not wasted, which is often the case with the other methodologies. The changes are integrated immediately, which saves trouble later. There is no guesswork between the development team and the customer, as there is face to face communication and continuous inputs from the client. The documents are to the point, which no leaves no space for ambiguity. The culmination of this is that a high quality software is delivered to the client in the shortest period of time and leaves the customer satisfied.


DevOPs is a culture, A healthy culture of the organization in which development and operations team to work with each other.
The Process of Development -> Test -> Deploy -> Monitor – > Support should be as smooth as possible.
DevOPs talks about writing test cases before you code, this helps to increase the quality of the product, definatly resulting less bugs.
DevOPs talks about automation, Automation as much as you can.
DevOPs talks about culture in which people should be open minded, transparent, egoless, professional etc..
This was about Latest Trends in Software testing in year 201.
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