How to pass parameter through testng.xml file to a test case?

We could define the parameters in the testng.xml file and then reference those parameters in the source files.
Create a java test class, say, and add a test method say parameterizedTest() to the test class. This method takes a string as input parameter. Add the annotation @Parameters(“browser”) to this method

// TestNG Interview Questions
public class ParameterizedTest {
public void parameterizedTest(String browser){
System.out.println("Open Firefox Driver");
}else if(browser.equals("chrome")){
System.out.println("Open Chrome Driver");
The parameter would be passed a value from testng.xml, which we will see in the next step.
We could set the parameter using the below syntax in the testng.xml file. 
<parameter name="browser" value="firefox"/>
Here, name attribute represents the parameter name and value represents the value of that parameter.

Hope this helps !!!

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