What is the need of Software Testing?

What is the need of software Testing?
Software Testing is important as it may cause mission failure, impact on operational performance and reliability if not done properly.
        Effective software testing delivers quality software products satisfying user’s requirements, needs and expectations.
Now, why to test the software?
       1.    To make sure that intended product is created (As per requirement document)
       2.    To make sure that, something that work for single person should also work for hundreds, when logged in simultaneously.
       3.    To make sure that, the product work on various browser / OS as per requirement.
       4.    To Ensure Best Quality.
       5.    Coder is a human being, so may lead with many error,
      Most common software problems are
  • Incorrect calculation
  • Incorrect data edits & ineffective data edits
  • Incorrect matching and merging of data
  • Data searches that yields incorrect results
  • Incorrect processing of data relationship
  • Incorrect coding / implementation of business rules
  • Inadequate software performance
  • Confusing or misleading data
  • Software usability by end users & Obsolete Software
  • Inconsistent processing
  • Unreliable results or performance
  • Inadequate support of business needs
  • Incorrect or inadequate interfaces with other systems
  • Inadequate performance and security controls
  • Incorrect file handling.


To overcome all above problem & many more, Software Testing is needed.

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