Does certification courses are necessary for software testing?

Testing Certificates do not prove that someone can test. They only prove that the individual can pass the certification exam.
According to my experience does not matter whether you certified or not. The knowledge and experience is important you have.

I believe that certifications do not provide the actual required learning and practical knowledge to the software testing professionals. Due to the certain format of Multiple Choice Questions, Syllabus, and exam dumps, there is hardly any chance that a professional would learn something out of it or polish his/her skill set. 
I also believe that if you really wish to learn something, then start experimenting, write about your experiences, and take part in active discussion. Be fearless with your opinion, and keep re-learning stuff. You can also watch videos of different testing conferences, read books, and follow twitter updates of international testing gurus, conferences, meetups, and companies. 
But, I should write with capitals letter this but, these certifications do not give you knowledge, experience and humility which is required in the testing world. They are not equivalent with the willing to learn attitude.
Here is another aspect of having certifications. You will be in focus. There will be people who watching you as a example.
Certification does not prove that someone knows how to test. They can show that you have learned a set of “common” terms and idea’s. They may even teach someone some of the basics of testing, however, really good testing can only be learned through experience, practice, and personal retrospectives as to what they actually learned while they were testing.
If you want to put the time and money into them, I certainly wouldn’t begrudge you for having them if I happened to be interviewing you, I’ve often contemplated the same thing myself. There are managers however, who feel that certification is a requirement. In this case, if you are in a very competitive market, it could very well help give you a one up over another candidate.

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