How to Clear ISTQB Foundation level exam?

The Best way to prepare and clear ISTQB foundation level is to read the book “Foundations of Software Testing” by Dorothy Graham. Once you have gone through the book then you can attempt solving various online mock test papers and all.
clear istqb exam
Also, the best part of the book is you can be sure that none of the questions in the exam are out of the book.Tips & Tricks from my side:Try to read the Questions thoroughly and don’t assume anything. While going through the questions do concentrate, and always keep in mind that our mind would like to assume the answers and not what is given as option, most of the time that is the root cause of wrong answers.Also, try to take out the options that is Absurd first and then think of the remaining options if you are not aware.

Even though only one option is correct out of 4, there will be lot of questions where they will ask to arrange in orders, match with choices where you would require thorough understanding.

Keep in mind that out of 40, any average person who is working as QA can answer 25 questions correctly.

Usually if you already have testing experience, the foundation level exam should be easy. With little bit of preparation and good study materials, you will not require any kind of costly training – online or offline.

Depending on your experience level, you decide what to do.

1. Read a book
2. Browse online study material
3. Solve the mock tests online or offline.
For more information, go through below article –

Below is the Book Which i was talking about, you can purchase this, which will be more than sufficient to crack ISTQB Foundation Level. Click on the Image below –

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